Green Flag Smart Service provided by RoadServe acts as the middleman between you and the garage, and offers preferential rates on your MOT, service and mechanical repairs. RoadServe will handle everything from the moment your car is booked in. So no more expensive surprises or confusing conversations with the mechanic. For detailed information on what’s included, please see the terms and conditions

Some of the great benefits

  • Save money

    Your charges will be based on preferential rates which RoadServe will negotiate for you. You'll be charged a 6% admin fee, but this will never be more than you save.

  • No hassle

    An expert will manage everything, so you don’t have to talk to the mechanic.

  • Choose your garage

    There is an approved network of garages, so help’s always nearby. If your garage of choice isn’t listed just call RoadServe.

See all the benefits

Seven easy steps to start saving

1. Getting Started - Activate your account
2. Choose your garage
3. Choose a date that suits you
4. Confirm your booking
5. Drop your car off
6. Save money
7. Get your car back
See how easy it is