Green Flag Smart Service

What you get

MOT and service reminders

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Life can be busy. Annual MOTs and regular servicing aren’t always going to be at the forefront of your mind.

With Green Flag Smart Service, RoadServe will send you a reminder before your next MOT is due. And if you provide them with your service date, they’ll remind you about that too. One less thing to worry about.

Help with your MOT

It’s essential your car meets the minimum road safety and environmental standards. That’s why an MOT should be carried out three years after your car’s first registration, and then every year after.

But you already know that. What you really want is someone to remove the hassle of sorting it all out. That’s where RoadServe comes in. They’ll handle the whole process for you until your car is safely back on the road.


Quotes for getting your car serviced can often vary in price, making it difficult to know if you’re getting a good deal or not.

With Green Flag Smart Service, RoadServe will talk to the garage directly and agree a fixed price before allowing any work. You’ll be kept updated on what needs doing, and no work will be carried out without your approval.

Mechanical repairs

Once your car goes into the garage, RoadServe will keep in contact with them while they take a closer look at the problem. As soon as the garage provides a quote, a RoadServe mechanical expert will check the work is necessary and that reduced rates have been charged.

RoadServe will then explain to you what needs fixing. No work will be carried out without your approval.

RoadServe charge a 6% admin fee for their service, but if your total
savings are 6% or less, then you won’t have to pay the fee.

What you don't get

Unfortunately, Green Flag Smart Service doesn’t cover bodywork or breakdowns.